Remember to warm up 5 to 8 minutes

A modified version with perfect form is more effective than the full with not so good form.

If you have shoulders, knees, back, hip pain or whatever else, modify!

If you are not sure how to substitute or modify an exercise, message me or skip it.

Everything can be done low impact, again, just modify


10 per side ab workout


Curtsy lunge side knee up

(bring the knee to your elbow working your obliques)

(you can modify with a back lunge)

Mountain climbers

Side plank up/down

Single leg runners on a step if you can

Climbing plank




Do at least 3 rounds, 5 is better or more if you like

set your timer on 5 minutes

if you are short on time, make it 3 or 4 minutes

sprint outside in your backyard or on the street between 2 houses or in your house across a room and back.

If there is a hill, use it


sprint then do 5 jump squats

sprint - 5 walkouts

repeat until your timer goes off


sprint - 5 dolphin push ups

sprint - 5 sit ups punch punch


sprint - 5 tricep dips

sprint - 5 /side warrior

50 of each




push ups


jumping jacks




burpees, you read correctly,  I know, I am mean ;)


rope climbs/side


Set your timer on 50 sec

at the end of each exercise,


and go right away to the next exercise.



Walking lunges

Lateral hops

Climbing plank


Break and repeat 2 to 3 more times


100 mountain climber/side

90 straight leg sit ups

80 squats kicks

70 side lunge (total so 35 /side)

60 plank walk  (count each step)

50 dolphin push ups

40 box jump ( use stairs)

30 wide push ups

20 hollow rockers

10 jumping lunges


stair workout timer on 30 seconds


-deck squats ( use the bottom step to sit on , feet aligned with your hips, push through your heel and stand up)

-toe taps

-walk out, feet on the first step if you want

-push ups hands on step

-step up ( go up at least 2 step then back down)

-triceps dips

-jump up on first step

-tuck sit sitting on the first step


30 of each

-back leg lift ( on all 4, one leg straight lift up)

other leg

-high knees/ per side

-side plank with side leg lift                                        -jumping jacks

other side                                                                     -bicycle ( count per side)

                                                                                      -jump squats

-jump back

-diamond push ups ( hands: finger and thumb touching)



do 5 of each exercise and go for 20 minutes






shuffle shuffle touch down .

wide push ups                                  levers

jumping lunges                                Jump backs


100 burpees for time with squats


start your timer, start your burpees,

now every minute on your timer,

do 10 nice squats

then keep doing your burpees.

                    Count them to 100

                      note your time


skipping workout

100 skip

25 sit ups


100 skips

25 cossacks per side


100 skips

25 warrior per leg


100 skip

25 walkout


100 skip

25 push ups




100 skip

25 narrow squats


100 skip

25 hollow rockers






100 skip

25 climbing plank


        100 skip

       25 plié squats


100 skip

10 squat thrusters- 1 inchworm

9 sq th – 2 inchworm

8 sq th - 3 inchworm

7………- 4

6……- 5


4…..- 7


2……- 9



if you do not own weights

 use a heavy book


AMRAP Hallway workout

Set your timer on 20 minutes

Stand at the end of your hallway or a long area of your house


Inchworm your way to the other side

Walking lunges back

Straight leg bear crawls

wrestlers lunges back

crab walk

frog jump back

in a squat position,

walk sideways to the end and back

run forward and backwards

run again

and again


go back to the top and keep going until the end of the 20 minutes taking water breaks as needed but keep them to a minimum ☺



timer on 30 sec

jump backs

squat kicks alternating


rope climb

jump back



dolphin push ups


plank walk in a circle














break and repeat 2 to 3 more times


Do 10 of each exercises

then 20

then 30

then back down to 20

and finally 10





tuck jumps


push ups


sit jump squats



Count Up                                       and Down